Wadeema law – children law

Wadeema, the Emirati girl whose death shocked the nation and prompted the creation of the UAE’s new child protection law, was found buried in the Sharjah desert in 2012.

After that the children law-called Wadeema law.

President Sheikh Khalifa issued Federal Law No 3 of 2016 on children’s rights,

It lays out the legal rights of minors, establishes punishments for those who violate those rights and allows childcare specialists to remove children from their homes against parents’ wishes and without judicial permission in cases of imminent danger.

In less severe cases, specialists may intervene by visiting regularly, providing social services and mediating a solution between the family and the child.

Those who obstruct the work of a childcare specialist will be subjected to a fine.

Those who put children in danger, abandon them, neglect them, leave them without supervision, do not enroll them in school or register them upon their birth, will be subject to a prison sentence or a fine.

The law applies to all children up to the age of 18.

This law is a very big move for the country and children rights.

UAE is a country with more than 200 nationalities, different cultures, ethnicity and religions. These differences bring different practices and the children in this country deserves equal rights that bring a safe childhood to all.”

Wadeema law will consist care and development, social assistance, children rights, children safety, childcare facilities, children education,

Employing children.

When we discuss the law in the legal community, we are very happy to see it developing. The UAE is developing in business and when rights are given to children, this will also drive development.

The government are thinking of children’s rights as well as women’s rights and human rights. They know the Government and country are with them, and we are hoping this will develop further.”

Wadeema law is important to clarify children rights and country development!

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