Pravo Consultancies ensures a high level of management and legal services in the UAE, as well as in other countries of the world.

Our areas of expertise cover corporate, criminal, family and labor law. The company provides legal support in the field of real estate, construction, project financing, investment projects, PRO services, attestation services, translation services, and company formation in all jurisdictions within the UAE.

Pravo is a team of legal consultants with solid background and experience in the Middle East and other jurisdictions. In order to achieve the best results and to provide a high level of legal services to our clients, we apply a comprehensive approach by using different legal instruments, such as the interaction with public authorities, public/commercial organizations and experts.

Our legal services in UAE are rendered in collaboration with reputed advocates in UAE, accountants, finance advisors and other professionals. in order to meet all our clients’ requirements for a unique professional service and complete business and legal advice.

We are accredited agents in various freezone in the UAE allowing us to effectively offer a trustworthy advice related to all types of company formation in free zone authorities.

At Pravo, we place high emphasis on delivering our services within agreed timeframes regardless of the complexities of the involved procedures aiming at meeting the requirements and expectations of our clientele.

The Company has associative partners in different countries and it gives the potential for the development not only in the UAE but also in the international legal market.

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Pravo management consultancy is a well-recognized firm delivery satisfactory lawyer services in UAE.

With a wide range of professionalism and experience, we have developed great relationship with the new and old companies. Broadening our sphere, we are capable of providing full services to clients and are compelled to ensuring the right legal actions are taken.

We excellently deal with every problem or issue relating to you and your business in Dubai or other emirates of the UAE.

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Experienced Lawyers and Legal Advisers in Dubai & U.A.E.

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We offer all the needed services to start your new business in Dubai & U.A.E.

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Effective marketing plans and campaigns , too boost your sales and returns...

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What you need to know when you desire yo rent a house in Dubai?

1.You must read law No.33 /2008 law No.26/2007 and LawNo. 43 /2013
2.Your real state broker should be register in ReRa,if he isnt, change the broker;
3.The tenancy agreement should be register in Ejary in land department;
4.The is limitation for tenant in UAE
One bedroom-5
Two bedroom-7
5.Your rate increasement shouldn’t more then Rera index;
6.All communication between the Landlord and Tenant should be in written in case of dispute;


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